To review the guidelines for membership for the scholarships we offer annually, download the following pdf file. 

2022 Scholarship Application and Guidelines

The 2022 deadline for accepting scholarship applications is: May 6.

Please have your application postmarked by that date and mail to:
Tok Lions Club, Box 49, Tok, AK 99780.


Congratulations to the past recipients of our "We Serve" High School Scholarship:


2022-Hannah Beeman and Andrea Berg 

2021-Dawson Young

2020-Tyler Berg

2019-Madilyn Alsup

2018-Kiara Nelson


2016-Annie Sanford and Michelle James

2015-Brittney Alsup and Annaliese Thurneau

2014-Jonathan Hall and Lindsey Paulsen

2013-James Burnham and Jordan Woody

2012-Ruby Walden

2011-Danielle Thurneau and Reid Goneau

2010-Jennifer Kemper 
2009-Daisy Morgan and Paige Goneau

2008-Stacey Coulman and Porscha Bustillo
2007-Meghanne Faulise and Reuben Butteri
2006-Josiah Pedginski and Teddy Hanson
2005-Robert Morris and Sara Swanson
2004-Chad Jernigan and Erica Burnham

2003-Bjorn Olson and Angie Gingue

2002-Sam Morris and Jayna Tucker

2001-Zachary Harmon and Loretta Fix